How does it work?  

204 Meal Prep offers fast, easy and convenient meal options. 204 Meal Prep is there to make sure that you've got the food you need to help you get through busy days without sacrificing the quality food you love. 204 Meal Prep offers monthly features and a menu that is customizable to your meal needs and preferences. With so many options to choose from, you are able to keep your meals both to your taste and interest.

Step 1: Select one-time order, weekly or monthly subscription.

Step 2: Select the meals you like and place an order.

Step 3: Fresh meals can be delivered right to your door - either home or office. We'll stop by every Sunday or Thursday with your orders.


What is the difference between a one-time order and weekly subscription?

The one-time order is one week’s worth of healthy meals, delivered to your home or workplace. Select your meal package and then select your meals for the week. Your meals will be delivered on Sunday evening or Thursday night.

The weekly subscription provides you with a week’s worth of food, each week without having to place an order. All you have to do is select your meals and they will be delivered like clockwork each Sunday and Thursday, so you can eat and live healthy each week.


How does a monthly subscription work?

With a monthly subscription you receive your fresh meals on the same day on a weekly basis consecutively for four weeks. With a monthly subscription you save on weekly delivery fees and save on meals. ***By default, monthly subscriptions auto-renew one month after the first purchase.***


When do my meals get delivered?

Meals get delivered every Thursday and Sunday between the hours of 4 P.M. & 10 P.M. The cost for delivery is $10 for anywhere within the city.

*Upon request delivery dates can be altered and deliveries outside of the city can be made. Please Contact 1 (204) 227-1982.


Can the meals be frozen?

Yes. However, we do not freeze any of our meals internally and every meal leaves our kitchen freshly cooked. When freezing the meal, it extends the shelf life to last up to 30 - 60 days.

Yes, the meals can be frozen up to 3 months.


How long does the food last?

Up to 3-5 days in the air tight containers provided.


How do I heat my meals?

All of our meals are prepared and packaged in convenient BPA free microwaveable containers. Once you receive your order, all you have to do is heat your meal and enjoy. To heat meals in a microwave, lift the lid and set the timer to 2-5 minutes. (may vary dependent on your microwave and portioning of meals if they are fresh or frozen!)

When do I have to order by?

For Sunday delivery, order must be placed before Saturday at 6pm. For Thursday delivery, order must be placed before Wednesday at 6pm.


Do you have any options for local pick-up?

We are currently working with a network of local partners to provide you with better service and more convenient pick up locations.


How are they prepared?

All meals are cooked fresh in a certified commercial kitchen. Each meal is portioned, weighed and individually packaged in a microwavable, environmentally friendly, BPA free container.


Are you licensed and certified?

Yes. 204 Meal Prep has all required certified training, location licenses and necessary food safety certifications.


How do the meals come?

Each meal is individually proportioned and packaged in a microwavable, environmentally friendly, BPA free container.

Want to be Environmentally Friendly? Return all Containers upon delivery to receive a 5% discount.


What if I have food allergies?  

Any concerns of allergies or food restrictions you can simply contact 204 Meal Prep and you will be happily accommodated.


Is there a minimum order or weekly commitment?

There is no minimum order or commitment; you can choose all of your meals and snacks a la carte.


Are your products gluten free?

Yes, we do offer gluten free meals upon order and request.


Do you offer Keto meals?



Do you offer meal plan bundles and subscriptions?

204 Meal Prep offers both weekly and monthly subscriptions, both of which offer great value and savings.


How many calories are in each meal?  

At 204 Meal Prep we have many menu options and variations, most of our meals range anywhere from 300-500 calories. The exact numeric caloric value can be calculated for you by contacting 204 Meal Prep and getting the exact nutritional value of your selected, custom meals.


Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us by email or call us at (204) 227-1982.